Wild Dry-Roasted Baru Seeds
Wild Dry-Roasted Baru Seeds
Wild Dry-Roasted Baru Seeds
Baru Baron

Wild Dry-Roasted Baru Seeds

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This flavourful new snack packs a heavy punch with high protein! Not only that, but a high content of antioxidants, fibre, omega-6, omega-3, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, and calcium. 

Carry them on the go, or put them in your drawer at work, either way they're a timely snack for busy people. Ideal for paleo and keto enthusiasts!

Baru (Dipteryx alata) is an ancient Legume from the Brazilian savannah, being a source of revenue for the local communities that gather their fruits from the wild and part of the Amazon-Cerrado raincycle. The seeds are also known as "baru nuts" or even "baru almonds" in English, but make no mistake, they're completely nut-free and peanut-free.